Entrepreneurship Webinar ITK-LPDP Scholarship
Published on: October 6, 2021

Kalimantan Institute of Technology held an Entrepreneurship Webinar with the theme “Indonesian Entrepreneurial Factory: The Role of Higher Education and LPDP” on the 6th July: The  Role of Higher Education and LPDP”. The webinar was held online through Video Conference Zoom Meeting and Live Streaming Youtube media.

Three are the take-home ideas shared in the webinar:

  1. Everyone has the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, and creativity is key to take advantage of all the opportunities.
  2. Taking real action, and not just a mere word is necessary to start a business.
  3. We do is expected to provide benefits for many people.

Entrepreneurship is the ability to understand the market, what the customer wants and understand where the customer shift is going: and businesses develop to create sustainability.