Open Course Digital Startup – Kalimantan Institute of Technology
Published on: October 25, 2021

As an effort to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem at the Kalimantan Institute of Technology (ITK), the ITK Technology Business Incubator and the Student Entrepreneurship Development Team collaborate with the Digital Innovation Lounge Balikpapan and the Indonesia Digital Creative Industry Society (MIKTI) created an open course called Startup Digital. In this open course, students are taught about the concept of a digital startup and the tricks to successfully set up a digital startup based on current problems. Learning is carried out for about 2 months starting from August to the beginning of October 2021.

By cooperating with professional teaching staff, it is hoped that students who take these courses can receive broad knowledge and are increasingly motivated to see the potential of both natural resources and human resources through technology into a business opportunity. In the digital Startup class, not only students from ITK can take it but can also come from all universities that register for the Micro- credential program at the Indonesian Ministry of Education. The form of learning activities is the material and practice of making digital startup prototypes. For the first session of this semester, 40 students from various universities in Indonesia participated.