Webinar – Alumni Teaching Vol.2: Business Spirit In New Normal Era with “Rorokenes” and “PT. Naruna Ceramic”, Universitas Diponegoro, 28 Nov 2020
Published on: December 5, 2020

The Director of Communication and Alumni Relations in collaboration with the Undip KKIB Business Incubator held Teaching Alumni Volume II in 2020 “The Spirit of Doing Business in the New Normal Era”. On this occasion, two Business experts attended the webinar, the Founder of the Rorokenes Business and CEO of PT. Naruna Ceramic was invited to share their experiences in developing their business in the pandemic era. The university leader’s representative appreciated and thanked Erasmus + with its Smart Project for their support in developing UNDIP’s students’ entrepreneurship. The participants were very enthusiastic about joining the webinar as they give many questions to both speakers until the end of the event.

Webinar link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z69QNszXJCs

UNIDIP website dissemination: https://www.undip.ac.id/post/17083/alumni-mengajar-ii-semangat-berbisnis-di-era-new-normal-rorokenes-dan-pt-naruna-ceramic.html

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