Webinar “The Urgency of Legality for Startup and Businesses”, ITK, 21 November 2020
Published on: November 28, 2020

The Business Incubator of The Kalimantan Institute of Technology Technology (IBT-ITK) held a WEBINAR with the theme: The The Urgency of Legality for Startup and Businesses. The webinar presented the office of Investment and One-Door Integrated Investment (DPMPT-SP) Balikpapan City. DPMPT as the Presenter in the Webinar explained how the submission of Business Legality and terms that must be prepared by business actors. The webinar was attended by 47 businesses and prospective businesses. IBT-ITK not only targets businesses as webinar participants but also prospective businesses because sometimes many do not understand what the legality of the business and the importance and technical care of the legal. The webinar was held for approximately 3 hours with great enthusiasm from participants even though it was done online.