Workshop “Management of Product Legality (Circulation Permit) of Processed Food”, ITK, 22 November 2020
Published on: November 30, 2020

This event was in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) and the Big Indonesia Facilitator Institute. The workshop was attended by 59 participants from businesses in the field of processed food, both from ITK students and the public. Participants were given materials about processes and procedures for registration of processed food products in BPOM, technically obtained a certificate of circulation permit (SPP-IRT) from the Balikpapan City Health Office, training on household industry governance both in terms of the environment and production process by Loka POM Balikpapan and training in making good labels and packaging by IBT-ITK.

Balikpapan City Health Office represented by Dra. P. Triwulaningsih, Apt, M.Kes. , Head of SDK, gave an exposure to how businesses can obtain SPP-IRT. Businesses must have followed the food counseling conducted by the Health Department. Balikpapan City Health Office itself actively programs food counseling 5 times a year. But there are still many obstacles such as the lack of fulfillment of business quotas etc. Head of Balikpapan City POM Office Dra. Sumiaty Haslinda, Apt. explained the production standards as well as a good environment so that businesses’ products can get a certificate of circulation permit from BPOM RI. In addition, one of the aspects that must be registered at the time of registering the product to the BPOM circulation permit, businesses must have good labels and packaging.